April 30 and May 1 Racing

Hey Runners!

I am very excited to report the following results from a very active weekend of racing –

• April 30 – The Illinois Marathon in Champaign, Illinois
o Michael Kloppenbach – 3:48:53 – PR!

• May 1 – The Big Sur Marathon in Big Sur, California
o Olga Ulitsky – 3:24:30
o Michael Gordon – 3:29:55
o Justin Wasserman – 3:33:25
o Monika Neale – 3:38:20
o Matthew McLeod – 3:38:21

• May 1 – The Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati, Ohio
o Matt Gibson – 3:17:57

• May 1 – The Lincoln Marathon in Lincoln, Nebraska
o Bill Ballinger – 3:03:29 – PR!

• May 1 – The Eugene Marathon in Eugene, Oregon
o Christina Overbeck – 2:49:28 – PR!
o Stacy Nigrelli – 3:34:02 – PR!
o Gordon Kane – 3:57:55

• May 1 – The Eugene Half Marathon in Eugene, Oregon
o Beth Lakier – 1:30:43
o Kirsten Swanson – 1:53:09
o Anne Martino – 1:58:35
o Hope Alexander – 2:25:49

Many PR’s – MUCH FUN – CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL – Let’s begin preparing for Fall 2011 events!!

About coachbillleach

Coach Bill Leach has been coaching runners of all ages and levels of performance for 43 years. 36 of his athletes have achieved All-American Track and Field and Cross Country honors and several runners he has coached have qualified for Olympic teams. Coach Leach is currently serving Chicago runners in their preparation for racing distances from 5 K to Full and even Ultra Marathons. He leads Gait Analysis, Peak Performance Training and Speed Training for the Chicago Area Runner's Association – CARA. Runners from Chicago and the world utilize The Training Organizer, an electronic training system for runners recently developed by Coach Leach. Coach Leach meets and trains with runners several times each week at tracks and along running paths in Chicago.
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